What’s your BIG IDEA? – Launching 2015’s LEAD360 Challenge

January 5, 2015 by Kat Krieger

LEAD360 is the platform that powers youth service ideas:
to realize their vision, act as the megaphone for their voices, and empower them and the country to ACT with MAXIMUM IMPACT.

Happy New Year!

We’re so excited to launch 2015’s LEAD360 Challenge.

In our 5th year of LEAD360, we’re amplifying the challenge even further. This year, LEAD360 is a two-phase challenge. For Phase 1, we are seeking the most innovative BIG IDEAS of young people ages 5-25 to change the face of three chosen areas of care: Hunger & Poverty, Education & Literacy & Health & Wellness. This will run through the month of January 2015.

Why these three categories? From last year’s challenge, your service passions were clear and communicated that these are the areas you care most about.

We will gather as many submissions as possible, so please submit your BIG IDEAS as well as any projects you are already activating here! As we did last year, once submissions close, we will conduct regional and national voting to determine the top 5 finalists in each of the 3 areas of care (15 total finalists!) and conduct a online voting contest via our web site and social media channels.

The online voting will determine which three visionary ideas will be supported by JAF and powered by the country in Phase 2 to create meaningful impact.  We will galvanize individuals, organizations, companies, sports teams, universities and communities to participate in the three winning projects. Over the course of an entire year, we will track the collective impact of these projects all over the country. Those who do the most will become Jefferson Award winners.

Here is to an amazing LEAD360 Challenge this year! Submit your BIG IDEA today here!


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