Corinne Hindes: Simply Irresistible

January 23, 2015 by Kat Krieger

Today’s post comes from Corinne Hindes, the co-founder of Warm Winters. Corinne is a JAF GlobeChanger & a member of the Think Big Team.

Can an ordinary teen change everything with a simple idea?

Growing up, the world seemed impossibly large and complicated to me; there were so many puzzle pieces to put together, and the big picture often seemed unreachable. We grow up in a society that tells us we must spend our entire lives working up to who we want to be and what we want to do, but in reality, there are not a thousand steps that need to be taken to reach success. What we should be teaching our children is the beautiful fact that simple ideas can make a huge difference.

When I was 11 years old, I decided to step off the path that the rest of my peers were on, and do something new and different. I wanted to create my own passageway through life. I had no idea where my path would lead, or how to create it, but I knew that I wanted to be unique. I had always been a bit “weird”, making artistic fashion statements and listening to socially expired music, but I decided to start down my road keeping my eyes open to possibilities. I found little things here and there to help make an impact on the community around me and set myself apart from the crowd. Soon, I started to notice things around me that I had never seen before: That homeless man near my home who didn’t have a winter coat. How many times had I walked by him, never noticing his suffering? How long had he been there on the corner, dressed in just jeans and a t-shirt when it was 35 degrees and raining outside? I really had no idea how to help him, but wondered if there was a way.

As luck would have it, the next time I went skiing, I lost a hat and was given the opportunity to see the ski resort’s lost and found, filled with piles of warm clothes that were just about to be thrown out and put to waste. Because my eyes were open to what was happening around me, I was able to come up with a simple idea: I wanted to bring the warm clothes from the ski resort lost and found to the homeless. This idea blossomed into Warm Winters, a charity that is helping homeless communities across the country. Three years later, Warm Winters is partnering with 17 ski resorts in 8 states, working with Teen Leaders at each resort. We have provided over 6,000 items of warm clothing, valued at over $300,000, to 4,000 homeless people, and we are just beginning. In 5 years, we will have distributed warm clothing to over 50,000 homeless people.

The best ideas are often the most simple:
simple, yet complex, sophisticated, meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. They are simply irresistible to adopt, join, and follow, because even the smallest of acts can make the biggest difference.

What will be my next simple yet irresistible idea?
I have no clue, but my eyes are open to anything that may stand before me. Half the fun is not knowing what opportunities will present themselves, but knowing that you will try to take advantage of every single one.

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