#VoicesofJAF – December 15th – Mara Botonis

December 15, 2015 by Kat Krieger

“I spent my life savings and calling in all my favors … I spent my days with nurses and neurologists and activity directors and aids and husbands and wives and sons and daughters that were proving every day that you could have a good life even if you had alzheimer’s.” – Mara Botonis

Mara Botonis remembers the day her grandfather didn’t recognize her. “When I went to go visit him he had no idea we had ever met.” She knew then she would need help and so would others caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. After exhaustive research, Mara wrote When Caring Takes Courage to help sufferers and their caregivers find tools to make their lives easier. Mara spent her life savings and liquidated all of her retirement funds to publish the book. Since then, she has become one of the country’s most dedicated experts in the field. Mara’s work and compassion for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia knows no bounds. She is the epitome of someone who has put their money where their “heart” is.

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