#VoicesofJAF – December 22nd – Jailyn Lucas & Bernice Hightower

December 22, 2015 by Kat Krieger

“Because when you do Students In Action, it’s more than just helping yourself, it is helping everybody. When you feel good about yourself, it changes your whole perspective on life.” -Jailyn Lucas
“And I think to myself some day I could make a change for not these people, but all people across the world and it drives me and motivates me.” – Bernice Hightower.

For today’s #VoicesofJAF, we wanted to share an excerpt that Jailyn & Bernice wrote about Students In Action.

by Bernice Hightower & Jailyn Lucas, Age 12
TEAM School, A KIPP Academy
Being in Students In Action has changed our perspective on our community. We now realize that all it takes is preparation and an opportunity for you to succeed. Students In Action has helped us build upon social skills and character. Each of us had to conquer our fears of things such as public speaking and sharing unconventional ideas with our school. Because you wouldn’t really expect someone to collect pennies as a fundraiser, right? Before Students In Action, we really didn’t pay attention to the world around us. We just thought about our own problems and achievements. Students In Action has given us a gateway to experience the struggles of others. Learning about other organizations during our Leadership Conferences such as CASA (Children Appointed Special Advocates) has invigorated our Students In Action chapter to increase awareness in our school about problems in the world, instead of just problems in Newark. Throughout all of this, Students In Action is an program that we believe will continue to change lives and get students involved in the issues of the world, just like it did with us.

Help us share more stories like Jailyn and Bernice about the impact that SIA is having across the country.

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