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January 28, 2016 by mitchellcohen

Students In Action (SIA) is an intensive leadership training program by the Jefferson Awards Foundation that is active in over 400 schools. To date, this program, has trained over 16,000 teenagers who have generated 17,000,000 hours of service—making meaningful, measurable impact on their communities and schools.

This is a guest blog post by Grant Domingo, a member of the Students In Action team at Stratford High School in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Last week, his commitment to public service allowed him to participate in MLK Day events across Charleston, including speaking in front of 600 business leaders and meeting the current and former Mayors! Read more about his story below.


Grant 1I became interested in community service per my sister’s example. I watched her go out and get involved in the community, and I saw the passion and fun she was having with it and decided to give it a try. Ever since, I have fallen in love with community service and in the past year alone, I have recorded over 180 community service hours.

The SIA team at my school, in only our second year, has completed numerous service projects. We completed a food drive for our local food bank, along with a clothing drive for our low-country orphan relief center. We have also participated in a clean up of a local state park, and helped with relief from local flooding in the past few months.

This past week, I was presented with the opportunity to be the 2016 MLK Youth Speaker. This door was opened when I attended a Jefferson Awards Foundation event in Downtown, Charleston. While in attendance, I met a few of our local leaders and was asked to be the youth speaker for this year. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I resided over a Youth Speak-out and got a chance to hear some very moving poems by some of the youth of our community.

On Tuesday, January 19th, I was honored to be the Youth Speaker for the 2016 Martin Luther King Business and Professional Breakfast. I was able to speak on the behalf of the youth of our community, as well as host a Youth Forum after the breakfast. Along with this, I was given the immense honor of meeting the retired Mayor Riley, and the current mayor, the Honorable John Tecklenburg.

In 2016, the SIA team at my school has a goal to increase the impact of our service, as well as increasing community involvement. I want to challenge all SIA teams—and even individual students—to make an impact in 2016 by getting involved, and setting an example for those around you to get involved as well.

-Grant Domingo

Stratford High School

Goose Creek, South Carolina

Grant DomingoMayor John Tecklenburg

Grant with the Mayor of Charleston, the Honorable John Tecklenburg

GrantHonorable Mayor Joe Riley

Grant with the long-time Mayor of Charleston and Jefferson Awards Foundation Board of Selectors member, Joseph P. Riley



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