Kyle Zimmer, First Book – #VoicesofJAF

July 5, 2016 by mitchellcohen

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In June, Kyle Zimmer received a Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service Benefitting the Disadvantaged.

Learning to read is critical to a child’s success — and it’s Kyle Zimmer’s mission to ensure every child has the books they need to learn and thrive. As President and CEO of First Book, Kyle has helped distribute over 145 million books to children, schools, and community programs through their network of 170,000 classrooms and local non-profit organizations.

“We are aware every single day that there are children and there are teachers who are waiting for us. But with this celebration tonight, with this powerful recognition that you’ve bestowed on us, every single person at First Book can feel the wind in our sails, and we know that we will reach every child waiting.”

In America, over 30 million children live in low-income households with no age appropriate books at home. Most of these children attend schools and programs that cannot afford books at retail prices. That’s why programs like First Book are so important, and why innovative leaders like Kyle deserve recognition for their efforts to give every child the chance for a brighter future. To learn more about First Book, visit

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