Dr. Patricia Curtin, Christiana Care Health System – #VoicesofJAF

July 7, 2016 by mitchellcohen

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In June, Dr. Patricia Curtin of Christiana Care Health System, won a Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service by an Employee.

As a volunteer for the Notre Dame Haiti Program, Dr. Curtin has traveled to Haiti 11 times,  leading and organizing medical mission teams in providing care to families in clinics and children in orphanages. Caring for more than 100 patients per day, she sets up clinics where patients are screened for diabetes and hypertension and treated for malaria and other diseases.

What we do when we go to Haiti is not only bring medication and supplies and our skills sets, but we give them hope. We give them hope for that day, and hope for a better tomorrow. They tell us that every time we come down. It keeps us going, it keeps driving us and coming back.

In between visits, many of these patients do not have any access to healthcare. That is why Dr. Curtain’s team is determined to keep returning and providing care to those who need it, and why they have remained engaged long after many other organizations stopped providing resources after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Dr. Curtain gives hope to those she serves, and she gives us hope that others will follow in her example. To learn more, visit ChristianaCare.org.

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