Healing Through Art, Cart by Cart

April 3, 2017 by mitchellcohen
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Emma Stumpf knows just how powerful art can be. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor as a young child, Emma went through 70 weeks of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation, and over a dozen brain surgeries. On days she wasn’t able to leave her room, she gathered art supplies and went to work, using yellow paint when she felt happy, blue paint when she felt sad, and clay when she felt angry.

“I have spent over half my life in the hospital, and I personally know how helpful art can be,” Emma says. “We are just little kids dealing with adult-size problems, and we don’t always know how to talk about it. Art helps with that.”

The only thing that rivals Emma’s passion for art is her desire to share it with others. In 2014, Emma and her art teacher Lisa Durst launched Emma’s Art Cart to share the power of art with kids undergoing treatment at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. To date, her organization has delivered 2,500 art kits.

Emma’s dream is to give art supplies to every kid who’s going through a hard time and needs to express themselves. She’s now one step closer with LEAD360. Throughout the year, the Jefferson Awards Foundation will help Emma expand her project nationwide by rallying volunteers to activate Emma’s project in their own communities.

All it takes is a few art supplies to make an enormous impact on a child’s life, and we’ve broken Emma’s project down into 5 simple steps anyone can activate. Together, we can ensure every kid can turn to art when they need it most — just like Emma did.

To activate Emma’s Art Cart:

Step 1: Collect 3 art supplies
Step 2: Write an encouraging note
Step 3: Package it all together
Step 4: Identify a site in your community that needs art supplies and donate!
Step 5: Log your impact at lead360.jeffersonawards.org
Bonus Step: Share pictures of your activation on social media using #LEAD360

For more information, visit www.lead360.jeffersonawards.org.

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