GlobeChangers Master Class

May 11, 2017 by mitchellcohen

Our GlobeChangers program is an incubator for young social entrepreneurs, multiplying their impact through mentorship, training and a strong support network.

The GlobeChangers team is proud to announce a brand-new initiative. We call it GlobeChangers Master Class: a series of webinars that allow GlobeChangers around the country to connect and engage with an unbelievably talented array of mentors — professionals, activists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Through Master Class, we hope to continue building meaningful dialogue on some of the most important issues to young leaders – expanding on the mission of GlobeChangers and leveraging the wisdom of mentors on a new, digital platform.

Our very first Master Class is on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:30pm EST. And our guest will be none other than the incredible Karen Robinson.


Karen Robinson has over 25 years of experience in human rights education, community and youth development, and community organizing. In her role as Senior Education and Training Manager for Speak Truth To Power, RFK Human Rights’s education program, Robinson serves as chief adviser for all human rights education-related activity.

Robinson started her career in the field of community engagement and youth development at The American University, where she helped start what was then the Center for Volunteerism and Community Service. While at American University, Robinson initiated service-learning programs, linking classroom learning with direct service projects throughout Washington, D.C. She also started the Freshman Service Experience. The program involved academic departments, community partners, and returning students to guide first year students in thoughtful learning, direct community service, and reflection activities – all prior to the start of their university experience.

Robinson then moved to Amnesty International, USA where she served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Deputy Director and then the Director of the Human Rights Education program. In that capacity, Robinson served six years as the Chair of the International Human Rights Education Coordinating Committee for Amnesty International globally.

Robinson’s relationship with RFK Speak Truth to Power started soon after she took on the position of Director of Human Rights Education during the earliest stages of the project’s history. Robinson led the creation of the first RFK Speak Truth to Power education packet, which was distributed to 1000s of schools in the U.S. and internationally. Robinson has conducted numerous trainings and professional development sessions at educational conferences, within school districts and at educational meetings, in the U.S. and internationally.

The theme of this Master Class is “Letting Your Life Speak.” This is a topic that has touched many parts of Karen’s experience as an activist and educator. But we also want to hear about how this topic has touched your life as a young innovator and leader. What does “letting your life speak” mean to you? How do you let your life speak? Post your responses to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with a hashtag #GlobeChangers.

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