GlobeChangers Master Class – Charles Khan

June 28, 2017 by mitchellcohen

Charles Khan_Master Class_6.29.17_PhotoThe GlobeChangers team is proud to present our second GlobeChangers Master Class – our series of webinars that build meaningful dialogue between world-class mentors and the GlobeChangers community. Our Master Class will take place on Thursday, June 29th at 7:30 EST/6:30 CST/4:30 PST, and our guest will be the incomparable Charles Khan.

Charles Khan is the Organizing Director at the Strong Economy For All Coalition, a Coalition of Labor Unions and Community groups focusing on legislative driven campaigns to fight for economic equality, equal funding of public schools, and corporate accountability in New York State. He specializes in campaign logistics, new media, coalition building, direct action and grasstops organizing. He is also an activist with BYP100 and the Movement For Black Lives. He has worked to advance a range of issues from ending Mass Incarceration and broken windows policing to the Fight For $15 and The Tax March.

The theme of this Master Class is “intersectional organizing.” This is a topic that has touched many parts of Charles’ experience as an organizer, community builder, and lifelong learner. But we also want to hear about how this topic has touched your life as a young innovator and leader. What does intersectional organizing mean to you? How do you organize for a just, intersectional world in your own life? Do you have questions on how to do this more or what it means? Post your responses to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with a hashtag #GlobeChangers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more details on this exciting new program.

GlobeChangers Master Class is a series of webinars that allow GlobeChangers around the country to connect and engage with an unbelievably talented array of mentors — professionals, activists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Through Master Class, we hope to continue building meaningful dialogue on some of the most important issues to young leaders – expanding on the mission of GlobeChangers and leveraging the wisdom of mentors on a new, digital platform.

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