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Kat lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters. In her spare time, she bakes sourdough and pickles everything except cucumbers. She enjoys building the JAF community online even though she suffers from TTS (Tired Thumb Syndrome), a result of tireless tweeting. #hashtagqueen

#VoicesofJAF – December 12th – Warm Winters

December 12, 2015 by

“To date, we have distributed over 7200 items of warm clothing valued at $300,000 to 4,800 homeless people. And we’re just getting started.” -Katrine Kirsebom, Warm Winters Today’s #VoicesofJAF is Corinne Hindes and Katrine Kirsebom of Warm Winters. Warm Winters is an International Movement by youth, changing the lives of the homeless population. Corinne and […]

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#VoicesofJAF – December 11th – Valerie Weisler & Steven Prescod

December 11, 2015 by

“One of the Jefferson Awards Foundation’s founding principles is ‘Yes, I can’.” -Valerie Weisler “The Jefferson Awards has taught me that there is an extreme power in the word ‘no.’ It can turn people down, it can also make them want to give up. But it can also ignite fire within.” -Steven Prescod In today’s […]

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#VoicesofJAF – December 10th – Lillian Pravda

December 10, 2015 by

“With the help of the Jefferson Awards, Vision For and From Children is now a 501(c)3 organization and by this fall will be represented across 50 states and in 100 countries.” -Lillian Pravda Everyone who meets Lillian immediately understands her passion and generosity. She is a force of nature! By the time she was 13, […]

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